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What is an Electronic Patient Record (EPR)?

EPR is a high-tech electronic patient record system which will modernise and improve the way we deliver patient care across the Trust

Introducing an EPR system will mean all patient information will be available electronically, on screen, at any hospital location, at any time. It will transform the way we admit, treat and discharge our patients. It will improve referral management, reducing the number of cancellations and rescheduled appointments. It is the first step to allow us ultimately to share patient records with other appropriate NHS organisations

How will it work?

In Autumn 2015 we will be introducing state-of-the-art Electronic Patient Record technology which will allow us to create a comprehensive patient record. We will be able to record, view and store all patient information electronically at any hospital or community health location at any time.

When will it happen?

We will go live with the system in Autumn 2015. A robust business case has been approved by the Trust Board and after careful evaluation we have chosen Lorenzo as the system we will use. We are currently examining all our current data and inputting systems to ensure all the information we store is accurate and valid. This 'validation process' is very important when we move over to the new system.

Key Benefits

Patients deserve and expect the best care. If we are to remain one of the leading NHS hospital trusts in the country, we need to have up-to-date and accurate information about our patients

Improving patient care

Currently patient information is collected in a number of different ways and using different computer systems. Our systems are limited in what they can do and they can’t always be accessed in all areas of the hospital and community sites. We often have a very disjointed way of collecting and viewing our patient information. The new system will give us a full patient record, available in multiple locations which will improve how we care for our patients.

Improving the patient experience

By providing clinicians with all the information they need, at all times across the Trust in a single patient record, we will vastly improve the patient experience. Patients will have the confidence that we are working on their care in a joined up way.

Currently patients often have to give the same information to different members of staff several times or undergo repeated tests because there is no electronic record to access. There can sometimes be delays in accessing paper medical records because they may be being used by a different department or member of staff. Reducing paperwork and repetition will free up staff to spend on direct patient care.

EPR will provide the most recent and accurate information, enabling faster diagnoses, treatment plans and discharge processes for the patient.

Treatment plans will be more personalised as the clinician can refer to the patient's journey immediately and share information with other health professionals across the pathway to create a more tailored and effective care package.

  • Electronic clinic management which will reduce cancellations, missed appointments and waiting times
  • Electronic prescriptions which will help patients get their medications more quickly.

Additional Benefits

As well as the previous benefits, moving towards an Electronic Patient Record system will have the following benefits:

EPR will transform the way we admit, treat and discharge our patients. It will improve referral management, reducing the number of cancellations and rescheduled appointments.

EPR will enable us to maximise the use of beds for patient care. It will enable advanced bed management with planned discharge dates and estimated length of stay.

A single patient record will reduce the risk of human error and give us more accurate information about our patients and the care we provide.

By reducing paper forms and records, we will improve security of patient information

Over the long term EPR promises to enhance our performance and efficiency

We will be able to produce quicker, more accurate data about how the hospital is performing. In time, we expect this will significantly enhance our performance as a hospital Trust.

Data about each patient will only have to be inputted once, avoiding repeated patient questions and wasted time. We will also reduce the amount of postage and faxing we have to do.

By introducing electronic prescribing, we expect to reduce the amount of money we spend on drugs across the Trust.

EPR will allow us to share patient information with other health organisations to improve patient care. This will save time transferring patient casenotes and information by post or fax. Multi-disciplinary working across sites will also be enhanced.

Our current patient administration system (PatientCentre) is not fit for purpose and its contract expires in 2015. It does not allow us to move towards being paperless and it has many barriers to future working. In line with the whole of the NHS, we are committed to improving the quality of information to improve the health of our patients. Improved information will also help us:

  • Empower our patients to get involved in decisions about their care
  • Facilitate and drive integration within the Trust and between other partner organisations
  • Inform local health and wellbeing strategies
  • Drive greater efficiency and productivity

The NHS has committed to being paper-less by 2018. Introducing a new EPR will help us move from a paper heavy organisation to a paper-lite organisation by reducing the amount of paper clinicians use.

Champions leading the way

More than 400 staff have signed up as Champions to play key roles within the programme

The Transformation Through Technology Champions will receive in depth training to support their areas and help embed our new ways of working. They will also act as ambassadors within their specialist areas and link with the programme team to help resolve issues and escalate concerns.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Transformation ThroughTechnology Champion, please contact your Operational Change Manager (OCM)

Smart Cards

It is estimated that around 4,000 staff need to get a new Smartcard to get secure access to the new systems being implemented as part of Transformation Through Technology.

Do you have a smartcard?

You need your own up-to-date Smartcard to access a number of the systems we will be using in the future. These systems include Lorenzo, our new Electronic Patient Record (EPR), SystmOne, the Electronic Staff Record and Single Sign-On (SSO).

Smartcards or NHS Care Records Service (CRS) Cards - are not the same as your ID badge or door access cards

Is it up-to-date?

Look at the 10 digit number on the back of the card, if the number starts with 05 or 06 it is up to date and compatible with the systems. However, if it begins 03 or 04, it is an older version and will need to be replaced.

Does it have a 4 number PIN?

Each Smartcard should have an associated 4 number PIN (like a bank card PIN number). If yours has any other password, it will need resetting.

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the three questions above please contact the Systems Access Team on ext. 15269.

A mobile Smartcard drop-in service is now visiting wards and departments to issue new Smartcards to staff, find out more